Hamlet and Gertrude Relationship Quotes

JEALOUS LOVER Hamlet telling her what to do Goodnight, but go not to my Uncle’s bed
JEALOUS LOVER Hamlet confused when telling her what to do (parallel to Claudius) Not this, by no means, that I bid you do- Let the bloat King not tempt you again to bed
JEALOUS LOVER Hamlet’s view of Claudius So excellent a King, that was to this hyperion a satyr
OBSESSION WITH SEX LIFE: Comment on Queen jumping ship to post with such dexterity to incestuous sheets
OBSESSION WITH SEX LIFE: Description of her lovemaking In the rank sweat of an enseamed bed, Stewed in Corruption, honeying and making love over the nasty sty
OBSESSION WITH SEX LIFE: Her love with Claudius Pinch wanton on your cheek, call you his mouse, And let him for a pair of reachy kisses or paddling in your neck with his damned fingers
SEXUAL IMAGERY: ‘these words, like daggers, enter my ears’
REASON FOR HIS CONTAMINATION: First lines of first soliloquy O that this too too sallied flesh would melt
REASON FOR HIS CONTAMINATION: about wax To flaming youth let virtue be as wax, and Melt in her own fire
NOT UNDERSTANDING HIM: his cloak But I have that within which passeth show, These but the trappings and the suits of woe
NOT UNDERSTANDING HIM: Can’t say anything, no one to talk to But, break my heart for I must hold my tongue
HATRED FOR WOMEN: in general Frailty, thy name is women
HATRED FOR WOMEN: about the play Tis brief – much like a woman’s love
HATRED FOR WOMEN: Final lines Wretched Queen, adieu
HATRED FOR WOMEN: To Ophelia I loved you once, I loved you not