Hamlet Act V

Why do the gravediggers feel that Ophelia shouldn’t have a Christian burial? because it is suspected that she committed suicide
Which characters fight with each other at Ophelia’s grave? Hamlet and Laertes
What will happen to Rosencrantz and Guildenstern when they arrive in England? Why will this happen? They will be killed, because Hamlet wrote an officially sealed letter asking the king to execute them
Who invites Hamlet to come and duel with Laertes? Osric
What does the king say he has put into Hamet’s wine? a pearl
How does Gertrude die? She accidentally drinks the poisoned wine
How does Laertes die? Hamlet gets his poisoned tipped rapier and wounds him with it
How does Hamlet find out that he has been poisoned? Laertes tells him that the rapier tip is poisoned
How does Claudius die? Hamlet stabs him with the poisoned rapier and makes him drink the poisoned wine
Who survives to tell the story of Hamlet? Horatio