Hamlet Act II

PoloniusScene 1Simile But sir, such wanton, wild, and usual slipsAs are companions noted and most knownTo youth and libery
OpheliaScene 1Simile And with a look so piteous in purportAs if he had seen loosed out of hellTo speak of horrors-he comes before me
VoltemandScene 2 Whereon old Norway, overcome with joy,Gives him threescore thousand crowns in annual feeAnd his commission to employ those soldiers,So levied as before, against the Polack
PoloniusScene 2 Doubt thou the stars are fireDoubt thou the sun doth moveDoubt true to be a lairBut never doubt I love
PoloniusScene 2 Be you and I behind an arras thenMark the encounter, If he love her notAnd be not from his reason fall n thereon,Let me be know assistant for the stateBut keep a farm and carters
HamletScene 2 Slanders sir for the satirical rogue say hereThat told men have gray beards that their faces areWrinkled their eyes purging thick amber and plumtree gum and that they have a plentiful lack of wittogether with most weak hams
PoloniusScene 2 Though this be madness , yet there is method in’t
HamletScene 2
HamletScene 2Simile Why what an ass am I this is most braveThat I the son of a dear father murdered,Prompted to my revenge by heaven and hellMost like a *****, unpack my heart with wordsAnd falling-cursing like a very drab
HamletScene 2Simile I’ll have these playersPlay something like the murder of my fatherBefore mine uncle I’ll observe his looksI’ll tent him to the quick, if a do blenchI know my course
HamletScene 2 The play’s the thingWherein I will catch the conscience of the king
KingScene 2
PoloniusScene 1 Come go with me, I will go seek the kingThis is the very estacy of lovewhose violent property fordoes itselfAnd leads the will to desperate undertakings