Hamlet Act 5

“Is she to be buried in Christian burial that willfully seeks her own salvation?Who said this? The gravedigger about Ophelia
At the beginning of Act 5 what questions does the first clown have about Ophelia? Why she’s being given a christian burial when she committed suicide.
Are the clowns correct in what they assume about her? Yes, it’s true that her coming from nobility allows her to be given a christian burial despite giving up her own life.
Whose skull does Hamlet pick up and speak about? Yorick
Who is buried? Ophelia
How does Hamlet respond when Laertes jumps into the grave? What does Hamlet say about his own feelings for Ophelia? He comes out and expresses is own love for Ophelia and confusion about her death. He states how he loved her more than anyone.
What does Hamlet tell Horatio that he thought as he lay aboard the ship on his way to England? He didn’t trust Rosencrantz and Guildenstern so he snuck into their cabins and stole the letter.
What evidence does Hamlet give Horatio of the action of divine providence? After Horatio asks how he sealed the fake letter that would kill Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, Hamlet responds by saying how he just so happened to have his father’s seal (The model for the seal of Denmark) in his bag.
What happens to Rosencrantz and Guildenstern and why? They carry a letter telling the king of England to execute the holder of said letter due to Hamlet believing that they are on Claudius’s side meaning they deserve to die.
What character is ridiculed by Hamlet for his excessive use of popular jargon of the court? Oscric
Why does Hamlet say that Osric is “spacious in the possession of dirt,” and why does he explain at length that Osric is a low common fellow made good. Hamlet described how he gained admittance to the court by being a prosperous landowner (Or possessing spacious dirt).
Shortly before the fencing match, Hamlet expresses a sense of foreboding to Horatio, and Horatio says that if Hamlet has any misgivings, he will go tell the people not to come and say that Hamlet is not well. What is Hamlet’s response? He basically tells Horatio that one must be prepared for death since it will come no matter what one does.
Does Hamlet believe people are able to make things happen as they wish them to happen? No, he believes everything goes according to God’s design.
Does Hamlet believe that people are capable of understanding life? No, he says no man knows anything about the life that they leave behind.
How do Gertrude, Claudius, Laertes, and Hamlet die? Gertrude dies from drinking the poison out of joy for Hamlets success in fencing against Laertes.Claudius is stabbed by Hamlet wielding the poisoned blade and then forced fed the remaining poison.Laertes is stabbed by Hamlet wielding the poisoned blade after they accidentally switched swords. Hamlet got stabbed by Laertes wielding the poisoned blade before they accidentally switch swords.
What does Fortinbras say he will do to honor Hamlet? To fire the soldiers’s guns in honor of him and read him his military rights.
What does Horatio say in the end about this tragedy? Why do you think Hamlet did not choose him as king? He tells the ambassador all about all the revenge plots and what had been going on. He knows that Fortinbras is like him, just strong and more able.
How does Hamlet die? What are his dying wishes? He was hit by Laertes’s blade before hand. “Tell everyone what happened, set the story straight.” Fortenbras to be king of the Danish throne.
How does Claudius die? Hamlet stabs him with the poisoned blade and then forces him to drink the rest of the poison.
How does Gertrude die? By drinking poison from her husband.