Hamlet Act 4

How does the queen protect Hamlet? She doesn’t entirely protect him. She doesn’t tell Claudius that he’s confessed he’s not crazy to her, but she does tell him that Hamlet killed Polonius.
What does Hamlet mean when he calls Rosencrantz a “sponge”? He soaks up the king’s approval and rewards. When the king needs what R knows, he just squeezes R out like a sponge and he’ll be dry again.
What two places does Hamlet tell Claudius that Polonius is? 1) at dinner 2) in heaven
Who does Hamlet meet in Act 4 scene 4? Fortinbras and the captain of the armyHe talks to the captain.
What effect does this meeting have on Hamlet? Makes him feel like a coward and renews his resolve to get revenge on Claudius for killing his father.
What does Claudius plan for Hamlet when he sends him to England? He is sending a letter to king of England instructing him to kill Hamlet immediately.
How has Ophelia changed? She’s gone insane over her father’s death.
Why does the Queen agree to go see her? Horatio suggests that she should because Ophelia might lead those with evil intentions to dangerous conclusions.
Why does Laertes break into Claudius’s chamber? To kill Claudius because he thinks Claudius killed Polonius, his father.
What does Claudius tell Laertes to do? Choose his wisest friends and have them listen and decide who is right about whether or not Claudius killed Polonius.
What happened to Hamlet at sea? A pirate ship attacked them and only took Hamlet prisoner.
In lines 5-9 of Scene 7, what does Laertes ask Claudius? Laertes asked why Claudius didn’t take immediate action against Hamlet after he killed Polonius.
What is the King’s response? (as to why he didn’t take action against Hamlet) 1. His mother is devoted to him.2. The people love him.
The sailors deliver letters that inform the king that Hamlet is back in Denmark. What scheme is planned by Claudius and Laertes to kill Hamlet? They will get him to agree to a fencing match with Laertes. Laertes will coat the tip of his sword with poison so that just a scratch on his skin will kill Hamlet.
What is the back up plan they make in case the poisoned sword doesn’t work? Claudius will put poison in a drink and offer it to Hamlet when he’s hot and sweaty.
What news bad does Gertrude bring while Claudius and Laertes are plotting against Hamlet? Ophelia has drowned.
Describe how she drowned. She climbed out on a tree limb and fell into the water. Her clothes absorbed the water and pulled her under. She just kept singing like she didn’t realize she was going to drown.