Hamlet Act 3 Scene 2

What are Hamlet’s directions to the players in lines 1-47? To be a good actor, provide a reflection of real life, and show virtue.
To whom in Shakespeare’s theater does Hamlet refer in line 11? The audience
Who do we remember these people are? The Prologue
In lines 56-57 Hamlet tells Horatio, “thou art e’en as just a man/ As e’er my conversation cope withal.” Hamlet is telling Horatio he is a good man.
In lines 59-63 Hamlet explains why his words are not meant to flatter Horatio. Hamlet does not trust anybody except Horatio.
Hamlet explains to Horatio that “There is a play tonight before the King. /One scene of it comes near the circumstance/ Which I have told thee of my father’s death.” What does Hamlet ask Horatio to do during the play? (lines 83-92) Watch Claudius
Why would they watch Claudius during the play? To see a reaction
What does Hamlet hope to learn about the ghost through the play? (lines 85-89) The ghost being the devil
In lines 106-110, who do we learn was once an actor? Julius Caesar
What part did Julius Caesar play? Puns
Who does Hamlet sit near during the play? Ophelia
What is Hamlet referring to in lines 119-126? He asked Ophelia if he could lie in her lap.
What is Hamlet’s mood as he waits for the play to begin? Anxious
Hamlet becomes sarcastic in lines 137-144. What is he critical of? Mourning clothes
The play begins with a dumb show. What is a dumb show? When a story is told without words
In lines 168-169, Ophelia tells Hamlet, “You are naught, you are naught.” She is responding to his comments in lines 165-167. What is Hamlet saying jokingly? “Is this a prologue or the posy of a ring?”
Ophelia agrees in line 174 that the prologue, “Tis brief, my lord.” What is Hamlet’s response? As woman’s love
Who’s love is Hamlet referring? The queen
In lines 182-194, the player king and queen tell each other how much they love each other. What do they discuss in lines 195-246? Love and marraige
What does the king say the queen will do? The queen will think she will never be remarried
Did the queen agree? Yes
When Hamlet asks Gertrude in line 253 how she likes the play so far, she responds, “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.” Why might Gertrude believe this is so? The queen said some words that does not make sense by accident.
In lines 258-259, Claudius asks Hamlet whether the play contains, “…no offense in ‘t?”. What is Claudius referring to? If the play was offensive
Who might take offense? The Queen
Why is the Queen taking the offense? She said, “I kill my husband dead.”
In line 268, Ophelia tells Hamlet, “You are as good as a chorus, my lord.” What does she mean by this? Hamlet is an expert commentator
Note the sexual innuendo in lines 270-274. What are Hamlet and Ophelia talking about? The puppet show of love.
Claudius rises after line 290? Why is he so upset? Claudius wants to get out
In lines 313-316, what are Hamlet and Horatio discussing? About the poison
What did Hamlet and Horatio decide? To play music
What does Guildenstern discuss with Hamlet in lines 325-334? About Claudius’ madness
Why does Hamlet tell Rosencrantz in line 349-350 he cannot make him “a wholesome answer”? Hamlet’s mind is confused
Hamlet and Guildenstern have a discussion about playing the recorder in lines 380-402. What is the recorder a metaphor for? To put fingers and thumb and blow the majesty out of him.
What does Hamlet say about Guildenstern’s trying to play him like a recorder? Guildenstern couldn’t play with Hamlet for a fool.
In line 404, why does Polonius come to speak to Hamlet? Gertrude wants to speak to Hamlet
What is Hamlet’s response when Polonius spoke to him? “Do you see yonder cloud that’s almost in shape of a camel?”
In Hamlet’s soliloquy at the end of this scene, lines 429-432, what does Hamlet vow he will not do? Use his speaking on Gertrude