Hamlet act 2

1. Why does Polonius send Reynaldo to Paris? To take money and notes to Laertes and to spy on him to make sure he is not gaming, drinking, fencing, swearing, or going to brothels.
2. Briefly describe the how Polonius suggests that “by indirection” Reynaldo might seek “directions out.” That is, how does Polonius suggest that Reynaldo gather information? Don’t directly ask people what they think of Laertes. Instead, tell people things about Laertes and have them correct you.
3. What has frightened Ophelia? Hamlet runs in looking disheveled and insane (as if he had seen something from hell) and grabs Ophelia
4. How was Hamlet dressed? fur lined coat (doublet) entirely open, no hat, dirty stockings down to his ankles, no garters
5. What did Ophelia think was wrong with Hamlet? Ophelia thinks Hamlet has been driven crazy because she rejected him
6. How does Polonius explain this incident? Polonius says that Hamlet is angry that Ophelia rejected him
7. Why does Polonius set off to see the King? To inform the king that a wild Hamlet is running around terrifying Ophelia
1. Why has the King sent for Rosencrantz and Guildenstern? To find out if Hamlet will be any danger to Claudius. Claudius fears Hamlet will murder him to steal the crown.
2. Compare the beginning of the scene with the beginning of the previous scene. How are they alike?
3. What reward does the Queen suggest that Rosencrantz and Guildenstern may receive? (lines 25-6) That they will receive a reward handsomely for spying on Hamlet to find out the reason behind his change in behavior
4. From line 43, does Claudius seem to value Polonius or to disregard him? From line 43, it appears that Claudius values Polonius’s input because he is so excited to hear the great news Polonius has for him.
5. To what causes does Gertrude attribute Hamlet’s “distemper” or “lunacy”? She claims it is because of his father’s death and her rapid remarriage.
6. Old Norway thought young Fortinbras was preparing to fight the ____________. Polacks
7. Fortinbras, however, was actually preparing to fight____________. Claudius and Denmark to regain possession of the taken land.
8. What is old Norway’s state of age, health and power? Fortinbras’ uncle is the old king of Norway is old, ill, and stupid
9. What request does Norway make of Denmark? Norway requests that Denmark open its gates to allow Prince Fortinbras to pass through Denmark to reach the Polacks
10. What is Polonius’ definition of madness. Polonius says the definition of being mad is being mad “your noble son is mad: / Mad call I it; for, to define true madness, / What is’t but to be nothing else but mad?
11. What does Gertrude mean when she says “more matter with less art”? Gertrude means “Get to the point”
12. To what does Polonius attribute Hamlet’s madness? Polonius claims that Hamlet’s madness was caused by Ophelia not returning the love he gave her
13. Compare Hamlet’s conversation with Rosencrantz and Guildenstern with his preceding conversation with Polonius. What do you conclude about Hamlet’s madness?
14. Why does Hamlet suspect that Rosencrantz and Guildenstern were sent for? Hamlet suspects that they are spies for his uncle.
15. What is Hamlet’s mood as he describes it in lines 283-298? Hamlet means he has lost his way and interest in life and has stopped most of his normal routines in life and has become disinterested in life.
16. Hamlet is familiar with the players Rosencrantz mentions in line 301+. Why are these players traveling? They are traveling because these actors have gone out of fashion, while child actors have become very popular.
17. According to Hamlet, what do those who used to make faces at Claudius do now?