Hamlet Act 2 Vocab

adhere (v) sticks; attaches
adhere synonyms cling, stay put, fix
cling adhere synonym
stay put adhere synonym
fix adhere synonym
adhere antonyms unfasten, loosen
unfasten adhere antonym
loosen adhere antonym
afflict (v) hurt; torment
afflict synonyms agonize, annoy, crucify
agonize afflict synonym
annoy afflict synonym
crucify afflict synonym
afflict antonyms aid, solace
aid afflict antonym
solace afflict antonym
brevity (n) shortness of time; conciseness
brevity synonyms terseness, condensation
terseness brevity synonym
condensation brevity synonym
brevity antonyms lengthiness, wordiness
lengthiness brevity antonym
wordiness brevity antonym
discretion (n) carefulness; caution
discretion synonyms wisdom, sense, responsibility
wisdom discretion synonym
sense discretion synonym
responsibility discretion synonym
discretion antonyms foolishness, rashness, recklessness
foolishness discretion antonym
rashness discretion antonym
recklessness discretion antonym
endeavor (v) to project; plan(n) a purposeful enterprise
endeavor synonyms address, aim, best shot, effort
endeavor antonyms idleness, laziness
adress endeavor synonym
aim endeavor synonym
best shot endeavor synonym
effort endeavor synonym
idleness endeavor antonym
laziness endeavor antonym
potent (adj) powerful; strong
potent synonyms commanding, compelling
commanding potent synonym
compelling potent synonym
potent antonyms weak, unconvincing
weak potent antonym
unconvincing potent antonym
profound (adj) deep; intense
profound synonyms sage, informed, recondite
sage profound synonym
informed profound synonym
recondite profound synonym
profound antonyms child’s play, mild, plain
child’s play profound antonym
mild profound antonym
plain profound antonym
ominous (adj) threatening, doomed
ominous synonyms grim
grim ominous synonym
ominous antonyms favorable, auspicious
favorable ominous antonym
auspicious ominous antonym
rebuke (v) to reprimand, scold(n) scolding; condemnation
rebuke synonyms ream out, criticize
ream out rebuke synonym
criticize rebuke synonym
rebuke antonyms flatter, praise, extol
flatter rebuke antonym
praise rebuke antonym
extol rebuke antonym
remorse (n) regret; guilt
remorse synonyms grief, compassion
grief remorse synonym
compassion remorse synonym
remorse antonyms indifference, happiness
indifference remorse antonym
happiness remorse antonym
surmise (v) guess; theorize(n) conclusion
surmise synonyms hunch, hypothesis, suspicion
hunch surmise synonym
hypothesis surmise synonym
suspicion surmise synonym
surmise antonyms measurement; calculation
measurement surmise antonym
calculation surmise antonym
transformation (n) extreme change or alteration
transformation synonyms shift, switch
shift transformation synonym
switch transformation synonym
transformation antonyms uniformity, fixation
uniformity transformation antonym
fixation transformation antonym
treacherous (adj) disloyal; unfaithful
treacherous synonyms false, untrustworthy
false treacherous synonym
untrustworthy treacherous synonym
treacherous antonyms honest, true
honest treacherous antonym
true treacherous antonym
treason (n) rebellion; uprising
treason synonyms deceitfulness, treachery
deceitfulness treason synonym
treachery treason synonym
treason antonyms allegiance, loyalty
allegiance treason antonym
loyalty treason antonym
tyrant (n) dictator; oppressive ruler
tyrant synonyms inquisitor; slave driver
inquisitor tyrant synonym
slave driver tyrant synonym
tyrant antonyms democrat, anarchist,
democrat tyrant antonym
anarchist tyrant antonym