Hamlet Act. 2 Review

Who is reynaldo Polonius’s servant
When does Hamlet’s antic-disposition start? The scene when he goes into Ophelia’s room
Who are Rosencrantz and Guildenstern? Hamlet’s childhood friends who were hired by King Claudius to spy on hamlet
“Mad for thy love” Poloinus
Ophelia has been told… Not to see Hamlet anymore
What does the letter from Norway say back to Denmark? That uncle fortinbras stopped young fortinbras from attacking Denmark and now he wants to attack k poland, but in order to get to poland, he has to walk through Denmark and he needs permission from Claudius to do that.
“More matter with less art” Queen
What does polonius’s do in front of ophelia and the royals, to prove to them that Hamlet is mad for thy love? He reads the love letters that were personal between ophelia and hamlet, that Hamlet hs written her.
To prove his theory, polonius’s is going to… Set up ophelia and hamlet, and he and king Claudius will he behind the curtains, to spy on hamlets reaction.
“Though this be madness, yet there is method in ‘t.” Polonius: saying hamlets madness has an underlying meaning to it.
“Denmark’s a prison.” Hamlet: he was going to go back to school in France but then he agreed not to leave for his mom.
“For there is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.” Hamlet: it’s your perception however you come in is how you view it.
“What a piece of work is a man, how noble in reason, how infinite in faculties, inform and moving how Express and admirable, in action how like an angel, in apprehension how like a god.” Hamlet: this shows how Hamlet’s velocity of a human being is a piece of work he said it doesn’t matter to me how beautiful things are he says that they’re meaningless to him we have an ability of reason to make choices over animals. All these great things that make us who we are Hamlet hates humankind. Hamlet is mad at Ophelia Gertrude and Claudius he doesn’t like women.
“Man delights not me, nor woman neither, go by your smiling you seem to say so.” Hamlet: this is when Hamlet goes from general of humanity to the specifics, he uses deductive reasoning here. He is talkin about Claudius Gertrude and Ophelia he hates humankind.
How does Hamlet treat the players Hamlet is nice to them he is welcoming them respectively, with no class distinction.
How does Polonius treat the players Polonius treats them poorly, like the lower class
“Use them after your own honor and dignity.” Hamlet: here he is saying treat them the way you want to be treated.
What is the name of the play within the play The “Murder of Gonzago”
Hamlet soliloquy number 2 The theme of this is when Hamlet notice is part of his tragic flaw that is procrastination, and he realizes what he’s lacking. He says I have motive I should be doing something I haven’t said anything yet what’s wrong with me? He’s afraid.
“I have heard that guilty creatures sitting on a play have, by the very cunning of a scene, been struck so to the soul that presently they have proclaimed their male factions” Hamlet: this is when Hamlet is hoping to see the reaction of the audience which is mainly Claudia if he reacts he knows that the ghost was telling the truth and that he can go along with his plan to murder Claudius.
“The play’s the thing where in I’ll catch the conscience of the king” Hamlet: Through the murder of Gonzago— I hope to catch my uncle.
At the opening of this scene to where is Polonius sending Reynaldo Polonius is sending Reynaldo to france, to spy on his son, Leartes.
Why does Polonius send him on this journey To spy on his son
What does this reveal about Polonius’s character This shows that Polonius is very nosey and doesn’t trust his son
How does Ophelia describe Hamlet’s appearance to him She said that Hamlet looked very pale in the face and he was wearing dark black clothes
What is Polonius’s conclusion about Hamlet He thinks that Hamlet is crazy over the break up between him and Ophelia which means he is love sick
At the beginning of scene 2 for whom has Claudius sent Claudius has sent Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to see what’s up with Hamlet
Why has he sent for them To spy on Hamlet
What news does voltemand and Cornelius bring back from Norway The news is from Uncle Fortinbras that he has stopped young Fortinbras from attacking Denmark but now he wants to attack Poland and in order to do that he has to march through Denmark so he is asking permission for younger Fortinbras to do that.
What request does Norway make of Claudius Norway asks permission for young Fortinbras 2 walkthrough Denmark in order to attack Poland
What plan is formed to test Polonius’s hypothesis that Hamlet is mad from rejected love The plan is to have Ophelia run into Hamlet and prove that he’s mad from rejected love this is set up and they hide behind a curtain
Why does Hamlet call Polonius a fishmonger Hamlet calls Polonius this to mess with him Hamlet is using antic disposition here to show his craziness.
Why does Hamlet tell Rosencrantz and Guildenstern that Denmark’s a prison Hamlet says this because he was free to leave and go back to school but his mother wants him to stay so he stays to follow her orders he can’t leave.
What reason does Hamlet give to his friends for his current condition He just goes on a speech about how he lost his happiness
What plan does Hamlet devise Hamlet is going to change the lines of the murder of Gonzago to reenact the death of his father in 12 to 16 lines
Why does Hamlet feel that he must have evidence of Claudius’s guilt Cuz he’s not sure if the ghost is telling the truth and Claudius is guilty he reacted by standing up and leaving the play
What character traits does Hamlet possess as seen in Acts 1 & 2 Procrastination, sad, smart, clever, indecisive, and morally strong.