Hamlet: Act 1, Scene 5

What do most people think was the cause of King Hamlets death? What was the actual cause of his death? Bit by a snake; Claudius poured poison in his ear
What does the ghost want Hamlet to do? Avenge his death and seek revenge on Claudius
What does Ghost Hamlet tell Hamlet to do about Queen Gertrude? Ghost Hamlet tells his son (Hamlet) not to seek revenge on his mother, Gertrude. Instead let her die a natural death and then she’ll have to answer to God.
What is Hamlet’s response to the ghosts request? He promises to follow through with the revenge
Why is King Hamlet stuck in ghost form? He is “doomed for a certain term to walk the night” to atone for the sins he committed while alive
Why did Hamlet swear his friends to secrecy? He doesn’t want Hamlet to kill her; he doesn’t want people to think he’s crazy and doesn’t want it to get back to Claudius that Hamlet knows that he killed his father.
What is Hamlet’s strategy in dealing with his murderous uncle? He’s going to act crazy in an effort to buy himself some time to prove the guilt Claudius and to find out if his mother was in on the plot to murder his father.
Hamlet believes in the idea of destiny. How would such a belief affect hamlets behaviors? He feels like he doesn’t have a choice, he must obey his father and kill Claudius; he believes if he has a purpose, a reason to live, then he won’t commit suicide.