Hamlet Act. 1

Where and when does “Hamlet” begin? Denmark in winter
How long has King Hamlet been dead? 2 months
Who does Queen Gertrude marry after her husband’s death? Her brother in law, Claudius
How long after her husband’s death does the queen remarry? 1 month
Why is Hamlet depressed? His father is dead and his mother remarried quickly
Who see the ghost of King Hamlet? Marcellus, Horatio, and Barnardo
When do the men see the Ghost? Shortly after midnight
Who does the Ghost resemble? The late King Hamlet
What is the ghost wearing? Armor used to fight Norway
How many times will the Ghost appear in the story? 3 times
What country does Denmark rule? Norway
Why does Denmark rule the Scandinavian country? King Hamlet won a war
What does the Ghost say when it meets all the men? Nothing
What do Horatio and Marcellus attempt to do when they see the Ghost again? They attempt to stop it with swords and realize they look foolish
What will Horatio do about the Ghost? Tell Hamlet
Why will the Ghost speak to Hamlet? They have a Father/Son relationship
What two things does King Claudius recognize he’s done? He recognizes the King Hamlet has just died and he took Gertrude too quickly
What does King Claudius say he’s caused? Mirth at a funeral and dirge at marriage
Who is Laertes’ father? Polonius
Why was Laertes in Denmark? For the coronation of Claudius
Where is Laertes returning to? France
What does it mean when Hamlet tells Claudius he is “Less than kin and less than kind”? He is too much family and not kind hearted
What does Gertrude want Hamlet to do? Take off his “nighted colors”
How does Hamlet respond to Gertrude’s request? He refuses
What does Claudius tell Hamlet to do? To stop his “unmanly grief” and not to return to Wittenburg
What does Hamlet do after hearing about his father’s ghost? Watch with the men
What does Laertes tell Ophelia? To stay away from Hamlet
Why does Laertes give Ophelia the heartbreaking advice? Hamlet must marry to benefit Denmark and he fears she’ll be hurt
What does Polonius tell Laertes? “This above all: to thine own self be true.”
Why are Polonius’ words to Laertes ironic? Polonius is not true to himself
What does Polonius tell Ophelia? Do not spend time with Hamlet
What does Ophelia do in response to her father and brother’s advice? Obeys
When the Ghost appears to Hamlet and the men, what does he do? Beckons to Hamlet
Who will the Ghost speak to? Hamlet
Does Hamlet follow the Ghost? Yes
What does Marcellus state after Hamlet follows the Ghost? “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark”
How did King Hamlet die? His brother Claudius poured poison in his ear.
Was King Hamlet’s death quick or slow? Quick
How does everyone believe King Hamlet died? He was bitten by a snake in his garden
What does the Ghost want Hamlet to do? Revenge his murder
What does the Ghost say about Gertrude? Leave her to heaven
What does Hamlet make Marcellus and Horatio do? Swear that they will tell no one about the Ghost
What does Hamlet know? “The time is out of joint”
What is the name of Hamlet’s castle? Elsinore
What food is served at the wedding? Funeral meats