Act 3 of Hamlet

What is Hamlet contemplating in his famous “To Be or Not To Be” speech? Its about life and death and deciding on his revenge on his uncle King Claudius.
What does he mean when he discusses what “dreams may come”? Death is being asleep for a long time and not being able to know what happens.
How does Hamlet treat Ophelia in this scene? Why? He acted very aggressive and not very nicely. He warns her about bad things approaching and there will be a curse if she chooses to stay with him. He mentions about women wearing makeup and how Ophelia deceives others and how others deceives others.
What does the King plan at the end of this scene? Why? Polonius suggests one on one between the Queen and Hamlet and lock him up since he’s “mad”. The King suggests to send him to England. They decide to do the one on one talk first if that doesn’t work out then they will send him to England. Because they still see him going mad and doesn’t trust him.
How do the King and Polonius react? They were a little frustrated knowing Hamlets madness isn’t because of Ophelia. They fear there will be danger.
Who does Hamlet ask to help him spy on the King during the play? Horatio
How does the King react during the play? Does Hamlet get what he wanted out of this performance? He looked and felt sick, scared, guilty, angry. He existed out of there immediately. Yes Hamlet did.
What does the King ask Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to do? Why do they agree? He ask them to take Hamlet to England because they want to find out what’s wrong with Hamlet and worked for the King.
What is the story of Cain and Abel? Why is this biblical allusion included in this play? Cain killed his brother Abel because of jealousy and wanting power. The same goes for King Claudius and King Hamlet.
What admission do we get from the Kings soliloquy? Why did he murder King Hamlet? He admits to killing King Hamlet. He did it for power, land and the Queen.
Hamlet has an opportunity to kill the King here and doesn’t, what is his reason? What is ironic about this? If he kills him then the King would go to heaven since he was praying. Hamlet needs to catch the King doing something else so he would go to hell.
Who is hiding behind the tapestry as this scene begins? Why? Polonius and he was spying on Hamlet and the Queen for King Claudius.
What happens to him and why? Was this intentional on Hamlets part? He was killed by Hamlet by being caught spying. No it was not because Hamlet thought it was the King.
What does Hamlet think of his mother? Why? Do you blame the Queen for anything? What? Why? He thinks she’s a wretched rag. Because she married his uncle. Yes because she got married again way too quickly and hurt Hamlets feelings.
Why is Hamlet the only person who sees the ghost in this scene? He is partly crazy and was reminded to not hurt his mother/Queen.