Gaius Marcius “Coriolanus” ~ Plutarch

1 Captured Corioli, Volsci city near coast of Latium as proconsul(327)
2 Altercations with Scinius and Brutus about state of plebs
3 Pro-senate, tribunes warn people that Coriolanus wants to ban office of tribune, caused by debate on Italian grain
4 Marcius is put before the people in a trial then sent to banishment, joins with Volsci because of money and troops
5 His mother, Volumnia convinces him to stop fighting
6 Marcius was going to give up generalship ofr volsci but joins Antium for safety against Tullus.
7 Coriolanus is killed by Volsci conspirators in his address to lay down generalship and take up new one at Antium.