Coriolanus key quotes

Citizen 1: Act 1 (cmicettp) The citizens do not like Coriolanus Caius Martius is chief enemy to the people
Officer: Act 1 (hvpalntcp) Coriolanus disrespects the citizens he’s vengeance proud and loves not the common people
Coriolanus: Act 1 (wtm,ydr,t,rtioyo,mys?) Coriolanus disrespects the citizens what’s the matter, you dissentious rogues, that, rubbing the itch of your opinion, make yourself scabs?
Coriolanus: Act 1 (c,h,g) C has disrespect for the citizens, he dehumanises them curs hares geese
Sicinius: Act 1 (weamspatm?) Coriolanus’ arrogance + the tribunes dislike for him was ever a man so proud as this Martius?
Coriolanus: Act 1 (hialiapth) Coriolanus shows respect for Aufidius – his enemy he is a lion that I am proud to hunt
Coriolanus: Act 1 (tmomsh) Coriolanus talking about Aufidius the man of my soul’s hate
Coriolanus: Act 1 (o,ma!myasom!) Coriolanus showing characteristics as a good military leader oh, me alone! make you a sword of me!
Aufidius: Act 1 (ft,m,ihfwt;sothbm,awds,it,sweaoawe) Aufidius talking about his numerous meetings with Coriolanus five times, Martius, I have fought with thee; so often thou hast beat me, and wouldst do so, I think, should we encounter as often as we eat.
Coriolanus: Act 1 (icmmhcttabtpms) Coriolanus acting selflessly and refusing a bribe i cannot make my heart consent to take a bribe to pay my sword
Coriolanus: Act 1 (irytgmphf) Coriolanus acting mercifully for his helper in war i request you to give my poor host freedom
Coriolanus: Act 2 (ihrmwthathshigt) Coriolanus refusing to show off his wounds – modest i had rather my wounds to heal again than hear say how i got them
Coriolanus: Act 2 (nmot,idomh.pnnm) Coriolanus refusing praise – modest no more of this, it does oftend my heart. pray now no more.
Coriolanus: Act 3 (wyrhmftmn?rsptmia) Coriolanus acting true to himself would you rather have me false to my nature? rather say play the man i am.
Menenius: Act 3 (htnftw) Menenius praising Coriolanus he’s too noble for the world
Coriolanus: Act 3 (aopotmt;ltnltswitp) Coriolanus insulting the citizens at once pluck out the multitudinous tongue; let them not lick the sweet which is their poison
Sicinus: Act 3 (hslat,asaatd) Sicinius accusing Coriolanus of treason; implying death sentence he’s spoken like a traitor, and shall answer as traitors do
Coriolanus: Act 3 (ltptstdve,f…?iwnbtmatpoofw) Coriolanus trying to take control of his punishment from the tribunes – he wants control let them pronounce the steep tarpeian death vagabond exile, flaying …? i would not buy their mercy at the price of one fair word
Coriolanus: Act 3 (pbcm,iagttmp.cmnm) Coriolanus has a weak dependence on his mother pray be content mother, i am going to the marketplace. chide me no more
Aufidius + Lieutenant: Act 4 (dtsfttr) (idnkwwih) Aufidius is becoming jealous of Coriolanus’ growing power do they still fly to th’ Roman? i do not know what witchcraft’s in him
Coriolanus: Act 4 (idhcs) Coriolanus pleading loyalty to Coriolanus i’ll do his country service
Cominius: Act 5 (hwakon,t) Cominius reporting of Coriolanus’ refusal to appease Rome he was a kind of nothing, titleless
Coriolanus: Act 5 (w,m,c,ikn) Coriolanus rejects his old ties with Rome wife, mother, child, i know not
Coriolanus: Act 5 (ladan,ihfmp) Coriolanus weakening before his mother like a dull actor now, i have forgot my part
Coriolanus: Act 5 (bo,a!) Coriolanus trying to suppress his feelings of love towards rome and his family but out, affection!
Coriolanus: Act 5 (cmtp,val;sayeom) Coriolanus sacrificing himself to save rome cut me to pieces, volsces and lads; stain all your edges on me