English: As You Like It: Act 2 Quiz

Scene 1 Duke Senior and his fellow lords have escaped to the Forest of Arden. The Duke proclaims that he likes the forest more than being at court because he does not have to worry about those who want to replace him. However, he is slightly ill at ease about hunting deer because he believes they have a right to the forest. Meanwhile, one lord, Jaques, is extremely upset about the injured deer and angry at both the unharmed deer who do not help the injured ones and Duke Senior.
Scene 2 Duke Frederick realizes that his niece and daughter have disappeared along with the court fool, Touchstone. Duke Frederick believes that the runaways had to have been aided by someone else, and one of the servants blames Orlando, the young wrestler who defeated the Duke’s wrestler Charles. In response, the Duke sends out men to located Orlando or his older brother Oliver, whom the Duke believes will be able to located Orlando.
Scene 3 Orlando returns to his home when the servant Adam warns him that Oliver plans to burn Orlando’s house while Orlando sleeps. Adam advises Orlando to escape, but Orlando says he would rather die than be forced to beg for food. Adam then offers to go with Orlando and offers him his life savings earned under Orlando’s father, Sir Rowland de Bois.
Scene 4 Celia, Rosalind, and Touchstone have escaped to the forest extremely tired and hungry when they encounter a young shepherd and an old shepherd. The young shepherd, Silvius, complains about a young woman, Phebe, who will not return his affections. After Silvius leaves, the women ask Corin, the old man about food and water, but Corin complains that he can only provide for his master. To this, the women offer Corin gold to buy him a house, be free from his master, and in return, give the travelers necessary provisions.
Scene 5 Amiens and some of Duke Senior’s other lords find Jaques. Amiens begins to sing a song and then stops in the middle. Jaques asks for Amiens to continue singing but Amiens at first declines, saying it will make Jaques sad, to which Jaques replies he would like to be sad. Amiens also says that Duke Senior is looking for Jaques, but Jaques does not want to be in Duke Senior’s company. Reluctantly, Amiens continues singing, after which Jaques creates a parity of the song making fun of Duke Senior.
Scene 6 Orlando and Adam have reached the forest with Adam unable to travel any farther. Orlando tells Adam food will be difficult to obtain in the forest, so Orlando tells Adam to wait until he returns with or without food before he succumbs to hunger.
Scene 7 Jaques comes to Duke Senior, who has been looking for him all day, saying he has met a fool, presumably Touchstone. Jaques has heard a joke from Touchstone and decided he would like to be a fool. However, the Duke fears what would happen if Jaques had the freedom of a fool. As the two argue, Orlando arrives, demanding food from the lords. Duke Senior responds that Orlando could get food if he were politer, and Orlando realizes that he is in the company of civilized people. He apologizes and tells the lords to wait until he returns with Adam to begin eating. While Orlando leaves, Jaques gives a speech about the life cycle of a man. Orlando then returns with Adam on his back, and Amiens sings a song as the group eats. During the song, Duke Senior learns that Orlando is the son of Sir Rowland de Bois, long time friend of the Duke, and allows Orlando and Adam to stay in their company.
Literary Devices Allusions: We feel not the penalty of Adam, A good man’s feastPersonification: Bites and blowsSimiles: Like the toad, ugly and venomous wears yet a precious jewel in his head, Why then my taxing like a wild goose flies, Large a charter as the windMetaphors: Deer to peoplePuns: Jaques, Hour speech, Bear