As You Like It

Rosalind The daughter of Duke Senior and Celia’s cousin. One of Shakespeare’s most delightful heroines. Takes control of her destiny in the forest. Disguises as Ganymede and tutors Orlando in the ways of love. Is aware of the foolishness of love but is still delighted to be in love.
Orlando The youngest son of Sir Rowland De Bois and Oliver’s younger brother. Lacks proper education and training due to his brother. Is victorious against Charles and saves Oliver from a lioness.
Duke Senior Rosalind’s father and the rightful ruler, but is banished by Frederick. He is content with living in the forest, he claims that he learns more from nature than from the city library.
According to Oliver, what would Orlando bring to a wrestling match with Charles? Poison, or some other deceitful mean of securing victory. Oliver told them that Orlando is manipulative.
Why does Oliver inherit the bulk of his father’s estate? He is the oldest son and guaranteed the inheritance by law.
At what event do Orlando and Rosalind meet? A wrestling match.
What name does Rosalind assume for her disguised self? Ganymede
Why does Duke Frederick dislike Orlando? The duke and Orlando’s father were enemies.
Duke Senior gathers his loyal followers in the Forest of Arden for what purpose? To hunt deer
How does Duke Frederick plan to find Celia and Rosalind after their departure from court? He recruits Oliver to help find Orlando, whom he suspects has teamed up with the women.
On what topic does Corin attempt to council the young shepherd, Silvius? Love
Adam claims that he will die because of what? Hunger
After and eye-opening stroll around the forest, what profession does Jaques intend to pursue? A fool
How much time does Duke Frederick allow Oliver to find Orlando? One year
What does the disguised Rosalind promise to do for Orlando? Help him overcome his love sickness.
Why does Rosalind doubt that Orlando is truly in love? Love is madness, and he does not look like a madman.
What does Silvius say about Phoebe’s eyes? They are so scornful that they will murder him.
Why does Rosalind believe that Phoebe should feel lucky? A man like Silvius loves her, despite her lack of beauty.
How does Phoebe respond to Ganymede’s harsh criticism of her? She writes him a love letter.
Whom does Orlando save from a hungry lioness? His brother Oliver.
What does Rosalind do after learning of Orlando’s injury? She faints.
How does Rosalind respond to Orlando when he contends that he will die unless she returns the love? She assures him that no man has ever died for love.
What animal do Jaques and the lords of the forest kill? A deer
Which inhabitant of the forest and admirer of Audrey does touchstone rudely dismiss? William
With whom does Oliver fall in love? Aliena
To what does Rosalind compare the declarations of love from Orlando, Silvius, and Phoebe? The howling of Irish Wolves
Why does Duke Frederick abandon his plan to mount an army and attack Duke Senior? He meets a religious man on his way to the forest who converts him to a peaceful life.
Who decides not to return to court? Jaques
Jaques Possessed of a hopelessly melancholy disposition. He stands on the sidelines and watches and judges the actions of the other characters. He decides not to go back to the court and continues to live in a monastery in the forest.
Celia Duke Frederick’s daughter and Rosalind’s cousin. Disguises as Aliena. Prone to deep emotions. Marries Orlando.
Duke Frederick Duke Senior’s brother. Banishes Rosalind without reason. Mounts an army against his brother, but changes when he meets a religious man in the forest. He changes his ways and dedicates himself to a monastery.
Touchstone A clown in the court. Accompanies Rosalind and Celia when they leave the court. He is vulgar and narrow-minded.
Oliver The oldest son of Sir Rowland De Bois. He inherited his dad’s estate. He hates Orlando with no good reason. He is saved by Orlando.
Silvius A young, suffering shepherd who is despertatley in love with Phoebe. He gives all of his attention to a women who does not return the affections, but he wins his object of desire in the end.
Phoebe A young shepherdess who rejects Silvius. She falls in love with Ganymede, but Rosalind tricks her into marrying Silvius.
Lord Amiens Accompanies Duke Senior into exile. He is jolly and loves to sing.
Charles Professional wrestler that Orlando beats.
Adam Former servant of Sir Rowland De Bois. Accompanies Orlando in the forest. He is a model of loyalty and devoted service.
Sir Rowland De Bois Orlando and Oliver’s father and Duke Frederick’s enemy. His estate was handed over to Oliver
Corin A shepherd. Counsels Silvius in the ways of love.
Audrey A simple women that marries touchstone
William In love with Audrey.
Love Love can make people do foolish things. The characters display a cliched Petrarchan lover- dramatic signing, sadness, and frustration over an unattainable girl. Same-sex desire between Phoebe and Rosalind, Rosalind and Celia, and Ganymede and Orlando are explored.
Malleability of the human experience As a young man, Rosalind demonstrates how vulnerable to change men and women truly are. Jaques philosophizes on the stages of human life. The changes in human life are instantaneous.
City life vs. Country life Pastoral literature compares the city life and the country. The city is usually a place of opression and the country is therapeutic. The restoration found in the country can make a person better when they return to the city.
1564 Birth of Shakespeare
1616 Death of Shakespeare.
Anachronism A thing belonging to a period other than that in which it exists.
Blank Verse Unrhymed iambic pentameter. Shakespeare’s plays are written this way.
First Folio The 1623 published collection of Shakespeare’s plays.
Green World Coined by Northrop Frey. It is a place where the characters go to escape the restrictive world of the city and where imagination, magic, and dreams dwell.