As You Like It Character list

Who are the sons of Sir Roland de Boys? Oliver JacquesOrlando
Who is Orlando’s servant? Adam
Who is the ruling Duke? Duke Frederick
Who is the banished Duke? Duke Senior
Who is the daughter of Duke Frederick? Celia
Who is the daughter of Duke Senior? Rosalind
Who does Celia disguise herself as? Aliena
Who does Rosalind disguise herself as? Ganymede
Who is the clown in the play? Touchstone
Who is the duke’s wrestler? Charles
Who are the courtiers of Duke Frederick’s court? Le BeauFirst LordSecond Lord
Who is the sad and mopey character that is an attendant of Duke Senior? Jaques
Who is the old shepherd who offers shelter to Ganymede and Aliena and who tries to help Silvius with his love problems? Corin
What character does Touchstone declares that he is going to marry? Audrey, the goat herd
Which character is in love with Audrey and is threatened by Touchstone? William
What is Hymen a god of? God of marriage
Who proclaims “All the world’s a stage/And all the men and women merely players:/ They have their exits and their entrances/ And one man in his time plays many parts”? Jaques
Who describes the “seven stages” of a person’s life? (Act 2, Scene 7) Jaques
Which does the play open in? the court
Whom does Charles, the duke’s wrestler, fight? Orlando
Name the shepherd/ess characters Corin, Silvius, Phebe
Who pretends to be a priest in order to perform a fake wedding ceremony? Celia
Who falls in love with Celia in the forest? Oliver
Who first finds out Ganymede is a woman? Oliver
Who’s going to ace this final? You!