As You Like It

Comedy Notes: What are the aspects of a comedy? – about social groups, rather than individuals- death is seen as a part of the life cycle- groups of people, rather than individuals- people are replaceable- many characters are stock characters that represent things- written about common people- main goal is marriage, which is a sign of society continuing- multiple lines of plot that interact- multiple stores going on at a time
Comedy Notes: Act 1 – identifies the block to marriage- takes place in the city- issue in the city
Comedy Notes: Acts 2 – 4 – works to overcome the block- takes place in the green world- anything can happen- men and women cross dress to represent freedom- laws are suspended- compared to a state of dreaming or madness
Comedy Notes: Act 5 – overcomes the block, resulting in marriage- return to the city- block is removed- all social expectations must be returned
Act 1 Scene 1: What causes the fight between Orlando and Oliver? Oliver has inherited the money from the death of their father, but Orlando wants the money for his education.
Act 1 Scene 1: Who is Adam? How does Oliver treat him? Adam is their devoted servant and Oliver treats him poorly.
Act 1 Scene 1: What has happened to the old duke? To whom is he compared? The old duke, compared to Robin Hood, is banished by the new duke and three lords follow him.
Act 1 Scene 1: Why is Rosalind allowed to stay in the city? Rosalind loves her cousin Celia, who is the new duke’s daughter.
Act 1 Scene 1: What does Oliver decide to do to get rid of Orlando? He allows him to wrestle Charles.
Act 1 Scene 2: What does Rosalind give Orlando? Why? Rosalind gives Orlando her necklace as good luck before the match. They start to fall in love because both of their fathers were close.
Act 1 Scene 2: What does Ceila say to Rosalind about their relationship? Celia says that Rosalind can’t love her as much as she loves her because as long as they are together, Rosalind should be happy. They have been together and in love for a very log time.
Act 1 Scene 2: What does Celia offer to give Rosalind in the future? Celia offers the heir to the throne.
Act 1 Scene 2: Who is LeBeau? LeBeau is a courtier at Duke Fredrick’s court and informs Celia and Rosalind of the wrestling match of Charles and Orlando.
Act 1 Scene 3: Why does Duke Fredrick decide to banish Rosalind? He does not trust her because she is her father’s daughter.
Act 1 Scene 3: How long does Rosalind have before she must leave the city? He gives her ten days to leave the city.
Act 1 Scene 3: Where does Celia suggest they go? Celia suggests they travel to the Forest of Arden to find Rosalind’s father.
Act 1 Scene 3: How will they travel? Celia says they will wear ragged clothes and smudge their faces with dirt to travel without attracting attention and Rosalind says she will dress as a man.
Act 1 Scene 3: Who will they ask to accompany them? They ask Touchstone to join them.
What are the themes from Act 1? – primogeniture- right of succession belonging to the firstborn child- emphasis on dress- cross dressing representing change in social class and gendeer- gentility- social superiority as demonstrated by genteel manners, behavior, or appearances
Act 2 Scene 1: What is Duke Senior’s attitude about being in the forest? He prefers the difficulties of living in the forest than in the city because everything is teaching them and developing their character in positive ways.
Act 2 Scene 1: How does Jacques feel about getting venison? Jacques was crying after seeing a dead deer. He says it is wrong and that the animals are a positive existence.
Act 2 Scene 2: Why does Duke Fredrick suspect Orlando in Celia’s disappearance? A lord heard Celia and Rosalind talking about Orlando and then Celia disappears. He holds Oliver responsible for Orlando missing.
Act 2 Scene 3: What does Orlando learn about Oliver? Oliver was going to burn the house down and kill Orlando.
Act 2 Scene 3: What does Adam give Orlando? Adam gives Orlando all of his money, five-hundred gold coins.
Act 2 Scene 3: Why is it so important that Adam goes with Orlando? Adam wants to die well and without owing his master anything. He would rather risk his life with Orlando than be ruled over by Oliver. His association with other people will be his fortune.
Act 2 Scene 4: What is wrong with Silvius? Silvius is very deeply in love, but has been rejected.
Act 2 Scene 4: What do Ganymede and Aliena ask Corin to do for them? They ask if he can buy a cottage, pasture, and flock for them and they will pay him back.
Act 2 Scene 5: Why doesn’t Amiens want to sing in front of Jacques? Amiens says the singing will make him sad.
Act 2 Scene 6: Why does Orlando leave Adam behind? He leaves to go find food for them.
Act 2 Scene 7: Why does Orlando assume the people he meets are savages? He thought everyone in the woods are wild.
Act 2 Scene 7: Why is it fitting that Orlando arrives carrying Adam after Jacques finishes the “All the World’s A Stage” speech? Adam represents the last stage of life.
Act 2 Scene 7: What does Duke Senior say to Orlando at the end of the scene? He says that Orlando can stay because of his Dad.
What are the stages of the “All the World’s A Stage” speech? Everyone is born and everyone dies and everyone progresses through seven stages.1. infant- puking, helpless2. schoolboy- unwilling to go to school3. lover- obsessively and helplessly in love4. soldier- arrogantly arguing against everyone5. justice- aging in years and knowledge6. pantaloon- shrinking in size and losing track of the world7. second childishness- close to death
Act 3 Scene 1: What does Oliver need to do for Duke Frederick? He has to find Orlando and bring him to him dead or alive within the next year.
Act 3 Scene 1: What is his punishment until he does so? Duke Frederick seizes all of Oliver’s lands.
Act 3 Scene 2: What is being found throughout the forest? Who is producing it? Aliena finds poems written in trees by Orlando.
Act 3 Scene 2: What does Ganymede think about these items found on the trees in the forest? Ganymede criticizes the poems even though she is excited that Orlando had written him. She knows she needs to fix him.
Act 3 Scene 2: What do Touchstone and Corin discuss? They discuss manners and the expectations of sophistication.
Act 3 Scene 2: What does Orlando call Jacques? Orlando calls Jacques Mr. Depression after Jacques calls Orlando Mr. Love.
Act 3 Scene 2: What does Rosalind say about time? She says that time travels at different speeds for different people.
Act 3 Scene 2: What does Orlando agree to with Rosalind? Orlando agrees to call Ganymede Rosalind and to come to her cottage everyday to woo her.
Act 3 Scene 3: Who is Audrey? Audrey is an ugly goat-keeper that is marrying Touchstone.
Act 3 Scene 3: Who is Sir Oliver Martext? Sir Oliver Martext is the vicar from the next village who has promised to marry them.
Act 3 Scene 3: Why does Jacques think they should wait to marry? Jacques says they should wait so a proper priest can marry them the right way.
Act 3 Scene 3: Why would Touchstone prefer to marry in the forest? Touchstone says he would rather have Sir Oliver Martext marry them because it won’t be proper and he will have a better excuse to leave her later.
Act 3 Scene 4: Who does Corin ask Ganymede and Aliena to observe? Corin asks them to observe two people hopelessly in love, Phoebe and Silvius.
Act 3 Scene 5: What happens when Ganymede tries to help Silvius win Phoebe? Phoebe starts to fall in love with Ganymede.
Act 3 Scene 5: Why does Phoebe become interested in Ganymede? Phoebe likes Ganymede for rejecting her.
Act 3 Scene 5: What does Phoebe ask Silvis to do for her? Phoebe asks Silvius to give a love letter from Phoebe to Ganymede.
Act 4 Scene 1: What role does Celia take in Scene 1? Celia marries Rosalind as Ganymede and Orlando. It forces Celia to accept Rosalind being in love with Orlando.
Act 4 Scene 1: What is unique about Jacques’ type of melancholy? His melancholy is purely his own because he has traveled so much that when he thinks about all the things he has seen, he sinks into deep thoughts.
Act 4 Scene 1: What are two lessons that Ganymede teaches Orlando as Rosalind? She teaches him that time determines trust and care and that they should always talk first and then kiss second.
Act 4 Scene 2: What does Duke Senior’s men celebrate? They celebrate the death of a deer.
Act 4 Scene 2: How does Jacques mock them? He has them put on the horns of the deer they kill.
Act 4 Scene 3: Why does Oliver appear? What does he have with him? He is searching for Orlando and gives Ganymede a blood handkerchief.
Act 4 Scene 3: What does Silvius bring to Ganymede? Of what does Ganymede accuse Silvius? Silvius brings Ganymede the letter written by Phoebe, but Ganymede accuses Silvius of writing it himself.
Act 4 Scene 3: How has Oliver changed? He no longer hates his brother because Orlando saved him and he does not have the pressures of being the first born.
Act 4 Scene 3: How does Ganymede react to his story? He faints and then says he wants to go home.
Act 4 Scene 3: Why does this reaction surprise Oliver? Oliver believed Rosalind was a boy and should have been a man and not have fainted.
Act 5 Scene 1: Who is William? He is a shepherd that loves Audrey.
Act 5 Scene 1: What does Touchstone use to defeat him? He uses his wit and cleverness from being in the city to defeat William.
Act 5 Scene 2: Why is Orlando jealous of Oliver? Orlando is jealous that Oliver was able to find love so easily and that his love is in the forest with him.
Act 5 Scene 2: What does Ganymede tell Orlando he is capable of doing to help Orlando? Ganymede tells Orlando he can bring Rosalind to marry him tomorrow.
Act 5 Scene 2: What promise does Phoebe make to Ganymede? Ganymede promises to marry Phoebe if he were to marry a woman.
Act 5 Scene 2: What does Oliver give Orlando? Why does he do this? He leaves their father’s house and property to Orlando because he wants to die a shepherd in the forest and because Orlando saved him.
Act 5 Scene 2: How does Silvius describe love? Silvius says that being in love means being full of sighs and tears, being faithful and ready to serve, being filled with fantasy, being humble, being patient, being impatient, being pure, being put-upon, and being obedient.
Act 5 Scene 3: About what is the pages’ song? They say that the perfect love and the only proper wedding time is the springtime.
Act 5 Scene 4: Why does Ganymede remind everyone of his or her promises to her in front of Duke Senior? Reminding them in front of Duke Senior makes it binding.
Act 5 Scene 4: What do Duke Senior and Orlando discuss concerning Ganymede? Duke Senior says that Ganymede reminds him of his daughter and Orlando says that he thought Ganymede was Rosalind when he first saw him.
Act 5 Scene 4: Who is Hymen? Hymen is the goddess of marriage.
Act 5 Scene 4: Who gets married? – Orlando and Rosalind- Oliver and Celia- Silvius and Phoebe- Touchstone and Audrey
Act 5 Scene 4: What news does Jacques de Boys bring to the forest? He says that Duke Fredrick decided to abandon his pursuit of his brother and to retreat from the world, giving his throne to his banished brother. Jacques goes with him.
Act 5 Scene 4: What two things does Duke Senior do once he has regained power. He gives Oliver his land and Orlando the dukedom.
Epilogue: How does Rosalind still comment on gender? She says that woman are typically not supposed to give the epilogues, but she did it anyway.
Epilogue: What is this meant to show about their return to the city? Even though they are back in the city, the stereotypes can still be defied.
Pairs and Blocks: Celia and Aliena – expectations of class- becomes inferior to Rosalind to work through her love
Pairs and Blocks: Rosalind and Ganymede – trains Orlando to be a better husband once they can be married- overcomes gender role by having more power that she would never have in the city
Pairs and Blocks: Duke Fredrick and Duke Senior – gentility- family dynamics of male hierarchy
Pairs and Blocks: Touchstone and Audrey – Touchstone comments on the problems – reality of love
Pairs and Blocks: Oliver and Orlando – gentility- inheritance
Pairs and Blocks: Rosalind and Orlando – stereotypes of men and women are not natural
Pairs and Blocks: Silvius and Phoebe – optimistic and obsessive love
Pairs and Blocks: Touchstone and Corin – artificial rules of the city
Pairs and Blocks: Oliver and Celia – reformed characters