Midsummer Nights dream themes

Themes in Midsummer Night’s Dream
Love Love is a big part in this play. It is one of the themes in midsummer night’s dream. It shows that love is very difficult and confusing in this play. It also shows that love is hard to find.
Jealousy There is a lot of tension and jealousy in this play as well. Jealousy comes and interferes with love in this play. Jealousy comes in when Lysander suddenly turns in love with Helena. This is possible with magic that the fairies use. Demetrius also falls in love with Helena and a fight comes into play.
Friendship Friendship is also a theme in the play. Before every little problem happens in the play the four main characters in the play are all friends. There friendship is tested when the fairies interfere.
Magic Magic is another big part in the play. Magic is used to confuse everybody in the play and just wrecks everybody. When puck (the fairy) put love juice on Lysanders eyes. The first person that Lysander sees is Helena so therefore Lysander Is now in love with Helena. The love juice gets put on demetrius eyes and the first person he sees was Helena to. Magic is a huge part of this play.
Class and status Class and status means the rank that everybody takes. For the humans Hippolyta and Theseus are in the top row. Demetrius, Lysander, Helena and Hermia are in the middle row and the players are in the last row. For the fairies, Oberon and titania are in the top row, puck is in the middle row and the three fairies are at the bottom row.