midsummer night’s dream act 4

How has Bottom adjusted to the attention of Titania and her fairies? enjoys it and doesn’t question it
What is Oberon’s reaction to Titania’s infatuation with Bottom? upset and pitied her for being in love with a donkey
What sort of explanation will Oberon make to Titania’s question about what happened to her? Do you think he will tell her the truth? he is going to lie (let her believe what she wants) and not tell her full truth and keep Indian boy
Why are Theseus, Hippolyta, Egeus, and the others out in the woods so early in the morning? hunting
What is Theseus’ first explanation of why the young people are asleep in the woods? celebrate rite of may (may day)
What explanation does Demetrius make? Why does he compare his love for Hermia to an illness? he heard of plans involving Hermia and Lysander from Helena and followed (Helena followed him) he fell in love with Helena previously and was engaged with her he had feelings for Hermia & felt sick when he loved herhe realized how much he loved Helena
What is Theseus’ decision concerning the four young people? marry them all at his wedding
Why can’t the young people be sure whether they are awake or dreaming too good to be true and thought they were still dreaming
Bottom believes he too has had a dream. How is he going to use that dream to entertain the Duke? he is going to have his dream made into a ballad by peter quince called ‘Bottom’s Dream’ and sing it at the end of the Pyramus and Thisbe at duke’s wedding
What opinion do the other amateur actors now have of Bottom since they think he is lost? they think they might not see him again, he is the best actor, and wont have no one to play pyramus
What do they most regret losing by not being able to perform the play? money and nick bottom not getting fame and fortune
Why must the actors hurry to the Duke’s palace? the wedding is about to start and the duke wanted to them to perform it
what do the actors decide to do about nick bottom not being able to perform in the play? not perform it
Demetrius compares his love for ________ to an illness from which he is now cured. Hermia