Midsummer Night’s Dream Act 1

When we are introduced to Theseus and Hippolyta, what event are they awaiting and planning? a wedding
Who is Hermia in love with? Lysander
Who does Egeus want Hermia to marry? Demetrius
Why is Egeus mad at Lysander? He has been wooing Hermia agaisnt Egeus’s wishes.
What right does Egeus have if Hermia refuses to follow her father’s orders? Have Hermia killed
From the fact that Egeus has the right to choose his daughter’s spouse and Theseus’ agreement with Egeus’s claim, what can you tell about women’s rights in Athens at this time? Women have few rights.
What are the rights of men at this time? Men rule.
What is more important: love or duty? Duty is ranked higher.
What 3 choices does Theseus give to Hermia? Nun. Death. Marry.
What is Hermia’s choice? death
Who do you think Shakespeare wants the audience to sympathize with: Egeus or Hermia? Why? Hermia because she is weaker and helpless.
What evidence does Lysander give against Demetrius’ character? He seduced Helena.
What does Lysander say of his own worthiness? Lysander is just as good or better than Demetrius.
Who does Lysander suggest marry Demetrius? Egeus
What does Lysander mean when he says ” The course of true love never did run smooth”? Love is never easy.
What is Lysander’s plan? Elope
When Hermia and Lysander meet Helena, what kind of mood is Helena in? Depressed, angry, confused
How does Helena feel towards Hermia? Why? Jealous. She want Demetrius.
What does Helena with for? to be Hermia
What does Helena decide to do at the end of the scene? tell Demetrius of the plan
What does Helena hope will happen if she tells Demetrius of the plan? She hopes Demetrius will follow them and see Helena’s devotion to him.
What is the geographical setting of the play? Athens, Greece.
What is the general mood or atmosphere? The atmosphere is celebratory, as the city is currently preparing for Theseus and Hippolyta to marry.
What is the time of year? it is summertime
Act One Conflicts: (3) (1) Man vs. Man – Hermia against Egeus, Dememtrius against Helena, and Lysander against Demetrius(2) Man vs. Society – Hermia and Lysander against Athens law(3) Man vs. Self – Demetrius
In Scene 2, we are introduced to a group of men who seem to be having a meeting. What is the meeting about? a play
Who seems to be in charge of the meeting? (assigns the parts of the play) Quince
Why does Flute want to play Thisbe? He has a beard growing in.
What part is Bottom assigned? Pyramus
What part does Bottom want to play? Lion and Thisbe.
Where do the men agree to rehearse? the woods
Why do they not want to rehears in town? they do not want to cause a scene