English A Midsummer Night’s Dream Act 4 Scene 1

What orders does Bottom give to the fairies? He wants Peaseblossom and Monsieur Mustardseed to scratch his head, Monsieur Cobweb to gather weapons to kill a striped bumblebee and bring its honey and to make sure that the honey-sac doesn’t break
In what ways does Titania dote on Bottom? List things she does for him. Offer to rest on a nice bed, listen to music, eat food, puts flowers on his head and wraps her arms around him
Who is watching Bottom and Titania? Oberon and Puck
How does Oberon feel about Bottom and Titania? What about the boy they were fighting over? He feels sorry for Titania by being so in love with Bottom; Titania easily gave Oberon the boy
What does Oberon order Puck to do? To turn Bottom back into a man
What does Oberon do to Titania? Why? He cures her because he pitied her and he got the boy
How is Titania when she wakes up? She is disgusted that she thought she was with a donkey
How are Titania and Oberon getting along now? They are no longer fighting and will attend Theseus and Hippolyta’s wedding tomorrow
Why do they all leave? They are traveling across the globe
Why are Theseus and Hippolyta in the forest? What are they doing? They finished the May Day (which is May 1st) rites early; To hear Theseus’ hunting dogs hunt while the couple goes hunting
What reason does Theseus give for the lovers to be in the forest? Those who hated each other now trust each other
What does Lysander tell them? How does Egeus react to this confession? He was telling the plan for him and Hermia to escape. Egeus wants him punished for taking away his right to choose who his daughter will marry and for escaping with Demetrius’ fiancĂ©e
What does Demetrius tell them about Hermia and Helena? Helena told him that Hermia and Lysander were going to escape. He went to check it out and Helena followed him. Somehow, his love for Hermia is like a toy he used to like as a kid and his love for Helena is like a sick person recovering.
Name all of the people who are now getting married. Theseus/Hippolyta, Lysander/Hermia, Demetrius/Helena
How do the lovers feel about the night before? What do they think happened to them? Their memories are foggy. They all think they were dreaming.
What does Bottom think when he wakes up? If you tried to explain his dream, people would say what about you? That he was dreaming vividly. You’d look stupid if you thought the dream was real.