A Midsummer Night’s Dream Acts 4-5 Review Questions

Why does Titania give Oberon the child in Act 4? She starts to love Button instead of the boy ; no longer cares for the child.
How does Oberon find Titania and Bottom? They’re sleeping in each others arms.
Why does Oberon remove spell casted over his queen? He wants her back to her true self ; he has the boy now.
At the end of the play, does Puck say the play was a dream? He calls the play a dream implying that such manner.
Why do you think Shakespeare included a play in a play? To add humor and irony ; to intrigue the audience.
Why specifically Pyramus and Thisbe? Well known play in that time and can connect to it.
What do the fairies do after the palace goes to sleep? They go throughout the house to sing and dance to bless the people getting married on their wedding night.
Who is Puck talking to at the end of the play? The Audience
When he does, what is so interesting about that? Shakespeare doesn’t usually read to the audience or we can’t tell or directly talking to someone in the audience. It was a choice of Puck’s.
The last speech has many purposes, what are some of the purposes? A thank you to the audience and remind to the audience to not take the entertainment seriously.
Draw one last diagram of the four lovers- who loves whom by the end of 4.1? Hermia – Lysander Demetrius – HelenaTitania – OberonHippolyta – Theseus What kind of love? Forced mostly.
What’s the dream referred to in the title? Find as many possible explanations as you can. – A dream of the entire play because the amount of love potions and love circles shows the dreams of the characters. – The whole thing is a play because fairies are fragments of your imagination purse the dream of Hermia. In reality you will have weird dreams and have a memory come back. Wanting the desires of love but its all about finding what you love. In your dreams it shows what you want. You seek the truth, but is it really true when you wake up? – Relates to the idea how love is a dream ; specifically the whole love story is a dream.- The love potions made them fall asleep and it shows the dream of reality.
Which six characters believe their experiences in this play have been just a dream? Hermia, Helena, Lysander, Demetrius, Bottom, and Titania all believe that their experiences were a dream. After all of the stuff that would happen they would all think it’s just a dream.
Why don’t Hermia and Helena talk during this scene? Why does Hippolyta get to talk ? They don’t like each other because of everything that happened. Hippolyta is the queen and wasn’t affected during this.
How does the play within a play reflect the lovers’ plot? How does it reflect Romeo and Juliet? Egeus wants Hermia to marry Demetrius but she wants to merry Lysander.
Robin’s last speech is one of the few times in Shakespeare’s works that a character is without question speaking directly to the audience. He’s saying that calling this whole play a dream is an alternative to what ? Alternative to reality .
What remedy corrects the cross loved couples? The potion
My Example Essay: What’s the dream referred to in the title? Find as many possible explanations as you can. The dream is referring to the entire play because the play shows what we want but sometimes we can’t always get what what we want. You believe things are true but it may not be true when you wake up from a dream. All the love potions are deceiving to the characters and they may think someone loves them but they really don’t. It relates to us in reality because dreams can be deceiving. Love is deceiving, you may believe things are true but they may not be if you wake up from a dream, and it relates to us in reality. Love is deceiving. When you’re in a dream, you may not know your in a dream. You may have a dream about someone loving you or you may love someone in the dream and you think it may be happening. But when you wake up, you realize it’s not true. This relates to us in reality and how the love potions in the story make the characters think that people love each other but they really don’t once the potion wears off, or they wake up from the dream. The title of the play can be referred to many things. To me, the title shows how love and dreams can be deceiving. This happens throughout the whole play. You think someone loves you but when the potion wears off, or you wake up from your dream, it all deceived you. This happens a lot in reality, we think something happened, but it really didn’t. The title relates to how in the whole play, deceiving things happen and can make the characters think things that aren’t true.