A Midsummer Night’s Dream Act IV

What news does Bottom bring his companions? He says that their play has been chosen by the duke as an entertainment. They must now get ready and meet at the palace.
How does Oberon find Titania and Bottom? They are asleep in each others arms.
What order does Theseus give when he finds the two couples asleep in the wood and learns of their more balanced love? He orders that they should follow him and Hippolyta to be married with them at the temple.
Why does Oberon remove the spell he has cast over his queen? He has the boy and now he pities his queen and her silly new love-pet. He wants her back to her true self.
Why does Titania give Oberon the child? She cares for the child no longer now that she has Bottom.
How does Demetrius explain his dream and his lack of interest in marrying Hermia? He says that the love he felt was not true love, and that it melted like the snow.
How does Bottom change in Act 4? He acts a fool most of the time trying to get everyones attention, but when he is transformed into a donkey he actually says some pretty wise things.
How does Lysander change in Act 4? In the beginning of the story he says that his love is true and unchangeable…unlike Demetrius. Later,while under the spell, he claims he no longer loves Hermia and only loves Helena.
Why is Egeus so angry? He is not happy because Lysander just admitted to defying Athenian law and eloping with Hermia.
Why won’t Demetrius marry Hermia as he had promised? He no longer loves Hermia. Helena has become the “object and pleasure” of his eye.
Why is Titania in love with her husband again? She had the spell removed from her when she gave the Indian boy over.
What does Lysander answer when questioned by Theseus? He says he does not know how he got to the woods, but his intention was to run off to escape Athenian law.