A Midsummer Night’s Dream Act II Scene II Answers

What job does titania send her friends off to do? Kill wormsFight batsKeep the loud owl awaySing her to sleep
Why do the fairies sing charms for titania? To send her to sleep
Why does Oberon pronounce a spell over titania? So she can fall in love with a beast and Oberon can steal the boy
Why does Lysander move away from Hermia before they sleep? She doesn’t want him closeIt is wrong to sleep next to each other before marriage in this time
On who’s eyelids does puck press the magic nectar? Lysander’s
What happens when Helena wakes Lysander up?What does she think of his flattery? Lysander follows in love with HelenaHelena thinks he is teasing her because she doesn’t know about the magic nectar
What has Hermia been dreaming about? That a snake ate her heart
Why does Hermia run off at the end of scene two? She’s going to search for Lysander
Why do you think Shakespeare has Hermia say to Lysander before they fall asleep, that she wishes “the wishers eyes be pressed”?What is ironic? It is ironic because Lysander is the one who’s eyes got post with the magic nectar