A Midsummer Night’s Dream Act 5

Why does Theseus dismiss the stories of the 4 young people? They are lovers, and lovers are crazy.
Why does Theseus see the play about Pyramus and Thisbe rather than the other entertainments? Because it is made by simple people who work hard.
Why does Philostrate try to keep Theseus from seeing the play? What does he think is wrong with it? He does not like it. He says it is not well-written and the acting is bad.
What does Theseus mean by the lines, “For never any thing can be amiss, when simpleness and duty tender it”? “Nothing can be really bad when it’s created by simple people who try hard.”
What is accomplished by having the Prologue tell the whole story that the actors are then going to enact? 1. To quiet and appease the audience2. To make the play easier for the audience to follow
How does Shakespeare use the comments from the audience to enhance the humor of the play that they are watching? They poke fun at the actors and the things that they say.
What is Hippolyta’s reaction to the play? She is amused.
In what way is Thisbe’s final speech humorous? It rhymes too much.
What does Oberon tell the fairies to do? Sing and dance with him.
What is the purpose of Puck’s final speech? To apologize for the silliness of the play and suggest the interesting idea that the play (about a dream) is a dream. Mind blown!