A Midsummer Night’s Dream Act 4, Scene 1

He’s trying to sound fancy. He is speaking other languages and is ordering the fairies How has Bottom adjusted to the attention of Titania and her fairies?
He got mad at her and tortured her until she gave her the boy What is Oberon’s reaction to Titania’s infatuation with Bottom?
He will say she just dreamt the whole thing which is a lie What sort of explanation will Oberon make to Titania’s question about what happened to her? Do you think he will tell her the truth?
To look for the gamekeeper (Bottom). It was also on May Day Why are Theseus, Hippolyta, Egeus, and the others out in the woods so early in the morning?
They were waking up early to celebrate May Day What is Theseus’s first explanation of why the young people were asleep in the woods?
His love passes like an illness What explanation does Demetrius make? Why does he compare his love for Hermia to an illness?
They will get married with him and Hippolyta, he will cancel the hunt, and he will overrule Egeus What is Theseus’s decision concerning the four young people?
The spell made it so the past was a blur that seemed like a dream Why can’t the young people be sure whether they’re awake or dreaming?
He will get Quince to write a ballad about his dream, performed after Thisbe dies Bottom believes he too has had a dream. How is he going to use that dream to entertain the Duke?