A Midsummer Night’s Dream Act 3, Scene 2

What does Robin refer to Bottom as? The stupidest one of the group
What did Robin do to Bottom while he was waiting for his cue on stage in the bushes? He stuck a donkey head on him
What did one of the cast members do when they heard the footsteps of Robin? He ran away screaming murder and he went to get help from the people of Athens
Why did everyone get scared of everything they touched when they were running away from Robin? Because they were afraid Robin had turned into something else and was hiding so he could harm one of them.
What does Hermia think Demetrius did to Lysander? That he killed him
Does Hermia think there was any possibility that Lysander ran away from her? No
Why does Hermia think Demetrius looks like a murder? Because he looks so pale and grim
What does Hermia consider Demetrius? A non human being
What does Robin consider his mistake? Fate
What does Oberon tell Robin to do with Helena? He tells Robin to bring Helena to him while he puts the flower juice on Demetrius’s eyes, so when he wakes up he’ll fall in love with Helena.
What does Helena think Lysander and Demetrius are doing to her? She thinks they’re ganging up on her to make fun of her.
Why doesn’t Helena think Lysander and Demetrius really love her? Because they both hated her before and now all of a sudden they both love her.
Why does Helena get upset the most about how Hermia is in on the “trick” about Lysander and Demetrius loving her? Because they have been the best of friends for a very long time.
What does Lysander challenge Demetrius to? A duel
What does Hermia accuse Helena of? Stealing Lysander from her
What does Helena insult Hermia about? How short she is compared to her.
How does Hermia think Helena stole Lysander from her? By using her height
What did Demetrius threaten to do to Helena when he was following her at the beginning of the book? To kill her
What does Hermia threaten to do to Helena? Scratch her eyes out
What do Lysander and Demetrius say that insults Hermia? That she can’t fight even if you helped her.
What else is Oberon known as? The King of Shadows
What does Oberon wan’t Robin to do to the sky? He wants him to make the sky dark, so Lysander and Demetrius will get lost and not be able to fight.
What does Oberon want Robin to do with his voice? He wants him to imitate Lysander’s voice and egg him on with insults until he gets tired and goes to sleep. And he wants Robin to do the same with Demetrius.
What does Oberon want Robin to do while Lysander is asleep? He wants him to put the flower juice in his eyes to erase all the damage to his eyes and he can fall in love with Hermia again.
What is Oberon going to do with Titania? He is going to ask her for the Indian boy again and then take the potion off her.