a midsummer night’s dream

Theseus married to hippolyta (who was originally his enemy) mythical king of athens, ruler of athens (deals with marriage issues) warrior, wise man, conquerer of love and war. highest and rational ruler. sees everything in “cool reason”. doubts the fairy world and imagination. ironic he sees antique fables are stupid but he is one himself.
Hippolyta doesn’t agree with theseus in the sense that art has value, that cool reason isn’t totally truth. this could be seen as more intelligent than theseus.
Hermia loves lysander but is “forced” to pick marriage to demetrius, being a nun, or death
Helena dotes on demetrius
Egeus is being a controlling father and wants to force hermia to marry the man of his choice, not her love
Lysander just as high of class as demetrius. makes egeus seem more irrational and unjust b/c he loves hermia but he cant marry her? love isn’t smooth and is fragile
Demetrius makes hermia dote him
Oberon the ruler of the fairy world, he wants the baby titania has and tricks people into falling in love
Titania married to oberon, likes love and controll
Puck (Robin) makes things more theatrical. terrorizes the village world. shapeshifts. gives skeptical view of human behavior and confusion (so we don’t take things to seriously) not emotionally attached to the lovers (its all games) his epilogue teases the audience to consider if its just a dream or profound.
Bottom as well as the rest of the r.m. doesn’t understand that the audience knows of dramatic illusion. transformed into an ass (metamorphosis- ovid)transformation irrational unpredictable force of love. wise fool.
Quince writes and directs plays, a comic version of shakespeare
Rude Mechanicals would be actors, used to ulter tone to comedy (reflects the nature of the theatre). also contrast to shakespeare’s experienced actors. they try to mix comedy and tragedy but they have no idea what they are doing unlike shakespeare
fairies help defend shakespeare and his art and use of imagination