There was a time when the Los Angeles Lakers led by Shaq and Kobe went against the Sacramento Kings led by C-Webb and Mike Bibby.

It was a battle of epic proportions. It was held at Arco Arena but the Lakers eventually came away with the victory. A lot of people said this victory was tainted due to the fact that the referees called a ton of fouls against the Kings. Thus, the free-throw lead between the two teams was a lot and you know that it would only be a matter of time before that would go into effect despite the bad shooting of Shaq. It was such a shame how the game was tainted because the Kings were destructed after that. Besides, they were just too old to keep up with the gigantic teams in the league.

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You can only hope a young superstar would lift you up and carry you onto the next generation.

After the Lakers folded, it was evident they had to rebuild but their draft picks were not as good as what they hoped they would be. The only way they got back into title contention was when they had a bunch of guys wanting to get them. As a result, they had some people from rooting for them but that was really sad as how they just let the Lakers get whoever they want.


We can only look back at that series between the Lakers and the Kings as the actual NBA Finals since it is something that would revitalize the league.

By that time, nobody in the East is strong enough to match up with those teams so nobody was really looking forward to the NBA Finals. They were looking forward to that series and we were all let down by the officiating. We would never have known if the outcome was going to be different if the officiating was fair. The Exploited Discount truth is it was tainted in favor of the Lakers and everyone watched a really horrible game that was not caught down the middle. As you can see, they called for Doug Christie a silly foul even if Kobe swung his elbow at his jaw.

No matter how you look at it, that is certainly not a foul and those who were watching were not really motivated to watch it anymore.

It is a shame how Chris Webber and Vlade Divac never got the title that they deserved. They are excellent players who were pretty good from the start but Shaq is just so arrogant and gets a lot of calls to come his way. The road fans are just too disappointed with how this Scoreland discount game went down and you can’t really blame them if they decide to hoist stuff up to the court. It is not as if they are sore losers as they were not given something that is fair in the world of sports. You need to give them that in order to make it a great game.